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18th - 19th January 2013

The Wiz is a version of the perennial Wizard of Oz. The characters and story line are largely faithful to the 1939 movie version of L. Frank Baum's 1900 story.

Very many know the story of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, but in this new musical version it's a fantasy for today - mysterious, opulent and fanciful - a dream conjured up by a space-age child with Dorothy's adventures in the Land of Oz set to music in a dazzling, lively mixture of rock, gospel and soul.
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Cast List

Peter Pan – Aaron Brooker

Wendy – Scarlett Primrose

John – Joshua Berrie

Michael – Conor Dowers

Mrs Darling – Kate Smith

Storyteller – Rosey Delarue

Captain Hook/Mr Darling – Bruce Walton

Smee – Andy Aldcroft

Liza – Sian Bott

Tinkerbell – Alice Colmer

Tiger Lily – Alice Finnie

Nana – Wendy Delarue
Lost Boys:
Ben Ross
Lucy Edwards
Emily Woodruff
Megan Woodruff
Charlie Finnie
Emelia Hutchinson
Max Griffin
Francesca Dowers

James Delarue
George Roberts
Sammy Westgate
Katie Allman
Hannah Macey
Sian Bott
Jo Palmer

Indians / Mermaids:
Georgina Mawle
Beckie Lewis
Lucy Morrish
Natasha Judd
Zoe Mobbs
Jade Brooker
Lauren Smith
Carys Warner

Rosie Thatcher
Isabelle Palmer
Zara Walton
Sydney Sellers
Olivia Ross
Sophie Howie
Jasmine Popoola-Adkins